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Richardson, C.B., Morgan, N.R., Bleser, J.A., Aronson, K.R., Perkins, D.F. (2018, October). A novel approach for evaluating programs designed to serve military veterans: Using an adapted common components analysis. Evaluation and Program Planning. 72 (2019), 145-151. [PDF]

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Academic Posters

Experiences of stress, trauma, and PTSD among U.S. veterans during the military-to-civilian transition
Finley, E. P., Copeland, L. A., Bramande, E., Nillni, Y., Vogt, D., Perkins, D. E., and Gilman, G. L.

Mobile Phone Use and Optimization in a Longitudinal Web Panel with a Lengthy Veteran Questionnaire – The Veteran Metrics Initiative (TVMI) Study 
Vanderwolf, P., Boyle, J., Copeland, L. A., Finley, E. P., Perkins, D. F., and Vogt, D. S.

Studying Veterans' Post-Service Transition Experiences in an Era of Declining Survey Participation
Vanderwolf, P., Boyle, J., Copeland, L. A., Finley, E. P., Perkins, D. F., Vogt, D. S., and Gilman, C. L.

Application of the Well-Being Inventory to Examine how Post 9/11 Veterans Fare as they Separate from Military Service
Taverna, E. C., Nillni, Y. I., TVMI Study Team, and Vogt, D. S.

Development and Validation of the Well-Being Inventory (WBI): A Comprehensive Tool for the Assessment of Veterans' Status, Functioning, and Satisfaction with Respect to Vocation, Finances, Health, and Social Relationships
Taverna, E. C., Nillni, Y. I., TVMI Study Team, and Vogt, D. S.

The Veterans Metrics Initiative (TVMI) Study: Enhancing Understanding of and Responsiveness to Post 9/11 Veterans' Needs
Vogt, D. S., Taverna, E. C., Nillni, Y. I., and TVMI Study Team