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Jackie Vandermeersch


Billions of dollars are spent each year to help veterans transition out of military service and reintegrate into civilian life. Currently, however, there is no evidence-based way to measure what actually improves the health and well-being of veterans. The Veterans Metrics Initiative (TVMI), led by the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HJF), is addressing this in transformative ways.


The Veterans Metrics Initiative (TVMI) is a public-private research partnership managed by HJF. Diverse teams of actively engaged experts from industry, academia, veteran advocacy organizations, and government agencies and institutes, work side-by-side to design and conduct translational metrics-related research aimed at ultimately improving the well-being of veterans and their families.

By forging robust public-private partnerships among leading public and private sector institutions, HJF ensures findings will be made broadly available across all sectors and communities that service members traverse as they transition from active duty to veteran status.


TVMI researchers have completed one study known as the Crowd-Sourcing & Data-Visualization Research Project. This study used crowd-sourcing and data-visualization techniques to qualitatively analyze the needs of the transitioning military veteran community, based on publically available social media data. Currently, TVMI researchers are focusing on a second study called TVMI: Linking Program Components to Post-Military Well-Being. This highly collaborative public-private research effort is generating novel information about veterans’ experiences transitioning from military to civilian life, and examining how components of programs they use to assist with their transitions correlate with long-term well-being outcomes across multiple domains.

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TVMI: Linking Program Components to Post-Military Well-Being is longitudinal research study that is dedicated to developing evidence-based methods to measure what works to improve transitioning veterans’ long-term well-being outcomes.

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